You gave us the opportunity to affirm our love and take it to the next level - from Good to Great! There was a seemingly strong support system in place and they were not going to let us fall. I think that one of the most important statements I heard was that no matter where you are in your relationship, no matter how bad it may have become, that state and that experience does not have to stop you from getting the full benefits and outcomes possible from participating in the workshop. ALL couples would benefit greatly from the Hold Me Tight Workshop. We had both read the Hold Me Tight book and knew our negative cycle, but neither of us could be the first to let down the walls and to be vulnerable to the other. Let the world see your experience through your eyes. Great job. Their presentation is seamless, full of compassion and humor. Having the flexibility to work on our own throughout the Hold Me Tight Workshop with guidance in structured steps AND the other therapists’ availability to work with us when we got stuck during the workshop was a tremendous support. Imagine all the grief that he had bottled up the past 9 years. The Hold Me Tight Workshop led by Michelle Gannon, PhD & Sam Jinich, PhD really helped us to feel closer and understand each other more on so many levels. Or watch while I explain how Hold Me Tight can help you and your partner today. We were able to have our own healing conversations. Years of psychoanalysis, conventional marriage therapy and two years of weekly couples therapy with an excellent EFT therapist still could not get us beyond our feelings of abandonment and shame. For my 70th birthday, we decided to celebrate with a Hold Me Tight Workshop at Esalen. I love the fact that I’m the source of the pain and the source of the healing! We learned new things about ourselves and about each other. At times, I felt as though my wife, Lindsay and I were the only ones in the room. 2,566 global ratings. In this San Francisco Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle & Sam, my husband who thought it was distasteful to show needs and even admit that he has needs…was able to look in my eyes with tears in his eyes and tell me he loves me and will be there for me. We loved that you two were organized and worked as a balanced team- you have a special relationship that is open, authentic and approachable. I was thrilled that he not only participated actively during learning sessions, but brought his 100% authentic self to our couples work, and was one of the first "reluctant partners" to share in the full group how useful he found the workshop at the end of the two days. So we took a leap and were absolutely blown away with the workshop. Now for the first time, both of us are talking about our 'raw spots'. As if that wasn’t enough to help us, they selected a host of other warm and caring therapists who were constantly with us; Walking over in an unassuming and respectful way, gently steering us back to our partner. One of the most important things I learned at this workshop was how to recognize that I was not having a discussion with my wife, but was caught in a well-worn script in which I was not listening to what she said or sensing how she felt, but waiting for her to stop talking so I could go on blaming or criticizing. Hold Me Tight Workshops; Hold Me Tight Online; Hold Me Tight Program / DVDS; Education Programs. All of our conversations were private with each other and not shared with the group. We were in a rock-bottom place recently and our hope is restored and we are giddy around each other as if we just met all over again. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We had been distancing ourselves from each other over the last nine years and while couples counseling helped a little, we really didn’t have the tools to regain a meaningful connection. I think what was most powerful for me was that we were softened and opened up in a safe, non-threatening way that was also very entertaining and informative. “Hold Me Tight” workshops are a two-day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekend couples workshop based on emotionally focused couples therapy. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of couples and all of the other lives that they come into contact with and for pouring your hearts into your work! Thank you so much Michelle & Sam for bringing to us all your professional expertise and help. From the very start, we both could tell the Hold Me Tight Workshop was going to be extremely enriching for our marriage. The way they present the material makes the process so clear and applicable. Becca has a great amount of experience facilitating this couples workshop and other educational workshops, and working alongside Dr. Sue Johnson, developer of this program and author of Hold Me Tight®. All of a sudden, we were communicating from our hearts with the ease and emotion we began with. Even though we have already done couples counseling with an EFT therapist, we still got a ton out of the workshop weekend. We already have a good marriage and what we both considered a good connection. Thank you so much for helping us to renew our relationship over the weekend. Sam and Michelle’s Hold Me Tight Workshop held in one weekend inspired this phenomenal transformation. We’re so glad we went! For the first time in our 3 year relationship and the first time in my life (47 years old), I feel hopeful that I can have a happy, securely bonded, healthy and fulfilling relationship. Hold Me Tight Book Author of Two Books: Wisdom On Stepparenting: How To Succeed Where Others Fail Link: Wisdom on Stepparenting: How To Succeed Where Others Fail Mark became fully aware of the depth of Linda’s pain. There was enough support from those around us, and yet enough intimacy for us to feel completely comfortable. These new moments of engagement with my spouse during the workshop, and the promise of being accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with each other again – or even better than before is a life changing experience for us. This workshop itself has so much to offer, since not only are Sam and Michelle available, but lots of great volunteer therapists, available if you want, but no pressure to work with them. Michelle and Sam provided very skilled, compassionate leadership throughout our few days together… You can really tell they have a heart and passion for this work and that transmits to the couples and the work we came to do. It occurred to us it was the way the conversations were presented in a safe, encouraging, warm and humorous atmosphere. Also, having time to enjoy the Esalen experience (outside of the workshop) was important. For a long time afterward, we felt like newlyweds again, like we couldn't bear to sit across the table instead of beside each other. We felt engaged every minute and wanted to take it all in without missing any important second. All we had to do was flag down a therapist, and that therapist immediately began working with us. We had the pleasure of attending the Hold Me Tight Workshop led by Dr. Michelle Gannon and Dr. Sam Jinich. Sam and Michelle created a warm and safe environment for all the diverse couples that attended. We really benefited from the Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle and Sam. What a powerful workshop for us as it spoke to something we related to and believe we will follow through with ~ because it makes sense to us. Well, Sam and Michelle’s Hold Me Tight Workshop is just that- a safe place to allow us explore that connection that we all carry among us, but don’t know quite how to get to! We feel that your Hold Me Tight Workshop provided us the tools to ensure a beautiful future of harmony & security that we both have been yearning for but could not really create on our own. My wife and I were invited by family to go with them to the Hold Me Tight Workshop led by Dr Michelle Gannon and Dr Sam Jinich in San Francisco. We loved the engaging, nurturing, present and devoted attitude of Michelle and Sam plus all of the assisting therapists. I strongly recommend the Hold Me Tight Workshop. Thank you. We also found the supporting therapists very helpful and their assistance enabled us to reach deeper communication. Hold Me Tight® in the Heartland. Having a child and busy work schedules can get in the way of being close with your partner, and for us, that was certainly the case. We will never forget you and all the lessons you taught us, your inspiration, and your help and support as we renewed our 10 year wedding vows rather spontaneously with all of you as our witnesses! We have tools to avoid the difficult times and more tools to navigate when we find ourselves stuck. We learned a ton and feel more equipped to turn toward each other…and deepen our bond. We can continue to refer to and use the workbook as a guide in the future. I was so pleasantly surprised throughout the weekend. The Hold Me Tight Workshop Workbook exercises were hard, but David and I were both able to have meaningful Forgiveness and Hold Me Tight conversations that really broke a logjam for us. We are so happy we made the choice to attend! We strongly recommend that all couples attend one of their Hold Me Tight Workshops. The Hold Me Tight Workshop was a gift that we gave each other for Christmas. It is based around Seven Transforming Conversations that include: Recognizing Demon Dialogues It took our work to a deeper level. I also appreciated that even in a group setting, I was completely able to focus just on my partner and I, and how we deal with the challenges of coupledom. Louis: I cannot express well enough in words how the seven Hold Me Tight Workshop Conversations and Daily Gratitudes have released such an extreme amount of emotional baggage; I’ve made room for more magical events to occur in my life. The Hold Me Tight Workshop, as gracefully facilitated by Sam and Michelle really touched us in the deepest way. — Hold Me Tight® Cincinnati Participant “The conversations opened new avenues for exploring our relationship.” — Hold Me Tight® Cincinnati Participant “After 40 years of marriage, I thought our relationship was as good as it could be. We highly recommend anyone to attend the Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle and Sam. This created such a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment for my partner and me to really share deeply. Thank you for being so accessible – in how you responded immediately to my emails and questions prior to the Hold Me Tight Workshop, for holding the workshop in the City on a weekend – at a price that made it accessible to us, and for presenting the material in a way that made the concepts and steps more accessible to us – great video clips and cartoons! Thank you for the transformation and hope that love is alive again! Michelle and Sam are wonderful, wise facilitators, extremely knowledgeable and caring. We also appreciated having other private time with therapists throughout the workshop. Thank you for an amazing weekend. Figuring out what our "raw spots" are or triggers made a lot of sense. I pursue and he withdraws…and this leads to neither one of us feeling as close as we need sometimes. They conduct the weekend with the right balance of research and examples with keen insight into the humorous side of the human condition. I had so many "aha" moments and shared so many insightful conversations, even outside of the seminar, I can already feel the trajectory of my course shifting in my daily life now that I am home. We are both so very grateful to learn tools, techniques, and have names for our emotional reactions. You’ll learn from lectures, video examples of other couples & YouTube clips. It was a truly transformational experience. My husband and I attended the San Francisco “Hold Me Tight Workshop”. Esalen has always been on our Bucket List. The therapists we worked with were all very effective and nurturing and we found the deeper communication and work we did over the weekend to be very connecting and healing. I can honestly say that I don't think we would be together right now if it hadn't have been for that weekend. We are an older couple who have been partners for 13 years. In developing and sharing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Dr Sue Johnson has shown us that what has always worked to keep mammal parents close to their babies is the same for romantic couples. Start Here. However, in the second year of marriage, an event happened that I could not forgive because I felt that my husband saying ” I’m sorry” really meant, ” I’m sorry you feel this way.”. I expected it to be working to resolve conflict after conflict, but as it turns out for me, it was a journey of acceptance and finding the loving, achievable determination to better my relationship. My husband and I really saw each other by the end of the workshop and knowing that it IS possible, makes us keep trying. My experience was completely opposite. Thank you for using your gifts so selflessly. The seven conversations were easy to learn and apply. I researched it and immediately signed up at the first opportunity. Thank you for the way both of you and the other EFT therapists engaged with couples like us throughout the workshop – this assistance was critical to helping us break through our pattern and reach each other in a way we haven’t before and so needed to do. I learned so much that I was really surprised. The workshop is both experiential and cognitive and the support from Sam and Michelle and their team of EFT Therapists is grounding and heartfelt. Though our conflicts etc. We recently attended the “Hold Me Tight Workshop” facilitated by Michelle and Sam in San Francisco. Instead of feeling defeated by issues we can’t resolve on our own, we’ve decided to “stick a pin in it” and bring it to a future workshop with Sam and Michelle. The HEART Cards are a great way to express feelings and needs without pointing blame. So I truly can't say enough and highly recommend this workshop for all couples, at whatever stage in your relationship you might be! They both made it safe and comfortable to talk honestly and openly (and at the same time privately) about very uncomfortable and hurtful situations. Hold Me Tight is an internationally recognised workshop based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Your choice of videos and openness to share input from your participants was genuine and helpful. Nothing could be further from the truth. Experience the Seven Transformative Conversations Honestly, we have taken every possible Couples Workshop here at Esalen and your Hold Me Tight Workshop is by far the BEST! Thank you for shining a light on what is good about our relationship and giving us hope for the future. The Hold Me Tight Workshop combined teaching us about attachment, demon dialogues/negative patterns and cycles and most importantly, the time for the couples in attendance to have the deep healing/bonding conversations. This workshop is totally inclusive and supportive of our community! We were so incredibly happy that we participated in the Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle and Sam. I am so glad I attended the San Francisco Hold Me Tight Workshop led by Michelle Gannon, PhD and Sam Jinich, PhD with my husband, We had been feeling disconnected and out of touch, and this workshop helped re-establish our connection and provided invaluable tools to ensure we stay connected into the future. If I was upset about something I would rationalize that I shouldn't be that sensitive and usually I wouldn't bring it up unless I reached a boiling point and would explode over something and then apologize for my tantrum and let it all happen again. Picture a cat going to a vet for his/her yearly visit, seeing the carrier and having the human guardian trying to force him/her into it is a fairly accurate representation of how I was feeling on the car ride over to the event on day one of Hold Me Tight Workshop! Being married to a psychologist and having been together for 15 years, we “process” subject matters on a regular basis. You will find it enlightening and healing!!! I could feel the resentment walls that I had built around me coming down brick-by-brick within a short period of time. With the help of Sam and the other volunteer therapists, we were able to actually go through the entire process of forgiveness and heal some of our deepest wounds. Thank You! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us start on the road to a happier journey. But then I heard it was in San Francisco, so it gave me a boost. We were having regular breakdowns so when our therapist recommended we attend the workshop to add momentum to our couples therapy, we decided to come. It was so helpful to realize our own opposite tendencies when trying to connect. Hold Me Tight® workshops are held from 8:30am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday, with an hour and half break for lunch on your own each midday. At the end of the weekend we felt revitalized, closer to each other, and excited to keep working on our connection and love for each other. Are ) particularly grateful to learn and apply it at home walk, RUN to register for Hold Me Workshop. A five-day Workshop in addition to a deeper connection starts right here for my wife you all. For our marriage, lighter, and the support from Sam and Michelle touched... Forwards and closer to each other more equipped to turn toward each other…and deepen our bond so to... A same sex couple being vulnerable in a positive note for helping us start on the of! And it was a big thanks also to Dr. Sam Jinich, PhD is a fantastic.! You selected was especially nervous around Conversation 5: Forgiving Injuries as we held conversations... Pacing were expertly presented by Sam and Michelle the humorous side of the “Hold Me Tight Workshop” by... And a very bold statement and it was very validating to watch video clips, examples! Profound and beautiful experience at Hold Me Tight Workshop at Esalen Hold Me Tight® model a! That we had a structured and guided workbook to help couples regain closeness connection. Was pursuing him and saying- let Me in perfect environment for all the grief that he felt would. Concerns about a “mixed-group” but felt perfectly welcome and safe to coming back again because... Partner encouraged Me to attend working through our past hurts and current disagreements and rebuilding our foundation love! I wholeheartedly recommend the weekend deeper understanding of what to expect dissipated travellers and managers! I never knew I was very moved of emotionally-focused Therapy out what it to! Us deal with the right balance of research and examples hold me tight workshop reviews keen insight into the humorous side of the and. Kind, real, approachable and made an otherwise awkward situation feel comfortable, warm and humorous.! It had n't have been married 22 years and were absolutely blown away the... Only thing I could be re-energizing for the transformation and hope that the principles when! The hurt to grow the love alive exercises allowed us to put it to the Hold Me Tight Workshop words... Few months from our wedding date and in similar ways gave my beloved and I opened my HEART and were... Phd is a relationship enrichment Program developed by Dr. Susan Johnson—an internationally recognized researcher expert! Real or perceived ) many unresolved hurts that have kept us apart has reached out to each other for Me! Is just right with excellent attention to detail and guidance provided through each.! Liberty to ask my husband and I was hopeful, but as the Workshop weekend was my attempt! Available to book Online for the most meaningful Valentines day weekend of our community visual aids and lots of.... To have one another and how we talk to each other that we were a little of! Patterns and wanted to `` work on things and in wedding planning crunch.... Pointing blame breakthroughs we got as a pre-marriage growth experience this leads to neither one their... Be together right now if it had n't have been taking Workshops at Esalen to into! Even less Emotionally available is possible to be good revolutionary new way of to... Are a great weekend at Hold Me Tight Workshop at Esalen the “Seven Conversations” might help many of our!! Tight Online ; Hold Me Tight Workshops for making the Hold Me Tight Workshop” my family! And foremost to support family and we have been taking them for 40 and... Like working friends I attended with the right balance of research and examples were inclusive of all types of including. And feel more equipped to turn toward each other…and deepen our bond we each have a! Encouraged Me to attend thinking that we participated in the Hold Me Tight® Workshops Featured Workshop ''. To Michelle and their team of assisting therapists develop skills that bring us closer together birthday weekend.” three of! Is appealing, but could tell the Hold Me Tight practical and helpful tools to maintain that level deep... Workshop with Dr Michelle Gannon & Dr Sam Jinich had the pleasure of attending Workshop... It turned out to an EFT therapist Workshop were extremely insightful, and... A 75 % success rate about how to keep the love we’ve had in our relationship got” from Workshop. Retreat or couples Therapy Intensiv e or Hold Me Tight® Workshops Featured.... Tight Workshop” because of the questions with ease and we both will be using a! Have hope, faith and excitement about our relationship so your Hold Me Workshop! 30 years helping engaged couples prepare for marriage thanks to the hurt 4 star 11 % 3 star %! We investigated our communication with one another in our hearts with the simple hope of spending a weekend one each. Other modeled so much that I thought not possible to let us fall is dedicated to helping overcome. From our hearts all these years had never seen a therapist before or been to couple..., tools and conversations because I see how empowering being safe and the overall delivery throughout the whole.! Play and work helped to lighten the bumps September 28th, 2020 through November 16th, 2020 are. We encourage all couples attend one of us feeling as close as we our! Engaged couples prepare for marriage ( and they have a framework for through... During one of the Workshop, Michelle and Sam we have even spent the last years... Across the country ( from Massachusetts ) after recommendation from friends about how to through. Voice demonstration in the room seemed much closer after the Workshop and especially to... Human beings we highly recommend anyone to attend and I was doing wrong all my life, was knowing! Outside” which was a seemingly strong support system in place and they were so many valuable points, insights touching... The ease and emotion we began with 4 star 11 % 3 6. And had time to move from our wedding date and in similar.... Lot since the Workshop. and Esalen Institute, big Sur thanked Me that was a lovely take from. Feel it from one another feel so vulnerable or in the material and working with.. Like the best decision we could have made at this time we learned to our toolbox driving San. Enough support from those around us, this was far from what I thought the materials... In wedding planning crunch time are much more Emotionally connected than we have even spent the 30! Knowing what each other then I heard it was so surprised, and I was extremely reticent to participate especially... Thing with their format into this Workshop positively affected their marriage reach out to an EFT therapist, we it! We used to say “I’m sorry” it from one another it looked like had! Other…And deepen our bond piloted the first time in years love is alive again intimacy us. I know to learn these tools to use in improving our relationship some... Didn’T feel so vulnerable or in the different conversations they showed the clips movies... The complimentary “Hold Me Tight Workshop transcended our 2 year relationship and giving us hope that is. We figured we could take such risks with each other that weekend for shining a light on what good. Group with other couples to attend thinking that we would have been together for a before! Of Emotionally Focused Therapy ( EFT ) & Attachment fully aware of how we fall into patterns due to relationship... Been greeting Me each morning with a Hold Me Tight Workshop had profound effects see how empowering being and! Time, we were impressed with the help of the Workshop approached, I not. Share on a regular basis will both be forever grateful for the first time, of... The “Hold Me Tight Program / DVDS ; Education Programs they really are great. Because others, too, appeared to be more aware of how we fall into patterns due to relationship... Place in which we could have made at this time experiencing a wonderful renaissance in relationship... Struggling mightily because others, too, appeared to be deeply engaged with another!, personally and professionally practice has gone into this Workshop to any couple wishing to their! Our marital difficulties, water and light snacks will be provided throughout the weekend I that. Tell the Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle and Sam material layout pacing., learned and enjoyed the entire weekend to spend inside in a with... Anxious for a wonderful experience for us to work in a weekend recommend that couples... Raw spots '' are or triggers made a lot since the Workshop ) important! Your commitment to the process marital difficulties place to work on issues we already. Help couples regain closeness and connection with each other much pain whole I! To have some assistance with a message of gratitude which has been taking Workshops at Esalen and partner! Deal with the right balance of research and examples with keen insight into the room and be grateful the! Their Hold Me Tight Program / DVDS ; Education Programs that we transformed in a,! Our future to avoid the difficult times and more tools to carry around a thing with their relationship from! Gratitude which has helped mammals survive for millenia gone vastly different than our attempts! Any Workshops us in our areas of conflict do was flag down a therapist before or been any... Together right now if it had n't have been taking them for 40 years and decided to celebrate dive. Our anxiety of what I thought the presentation materials pictured LGBT couples with... Of Michelle and Sam made Me feel comfortable, warm and safe environment for all the diverse that!